Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boxxer Cruising and Racing Programs


Caribbean Mileage Builder Cruising Adventures
7+ Days - Please contact our booking agent for details.
This is an adventurous cruising program that provides the crew with cruising skills that can leads to a CYA Intermediate Crew Standard. It will also provide the crew with a first-hand experience at Chartering a large sailing vessel in these tropical waters in the event they would like to Bare Boat Charter in the future.   The cruising area will be primarily in the southern portion of the Caribbean where the winds are generally quite strong (20 to 30 knots).
Most overnights will be spent at anchor in the small well protected coves and bays of these tropical southern Caribbean islands. Some of your time however will also be spent ashore exploring the local towns or the white sandy beaches. The swimming and snorkeling is fabulous in these clear Caribbean waters while you explore one of the many coral reefs.

Caribbean Regattas
7+ Days    (includes regatta entry fees, dock fees and breakfast & lunch)
Please contact our booking agent for details.
The Southern Caribbean Regattas are normally a 7 day sailing event where the first few days are spent getting familiar with the boat, practicing our sailing skills and also getting a bit of a tan. We normally sail in the Cruiser/Racer Class (this classification is very competitive however does not require the use of our massive spinnaker sails) These Regattas are an excellent place to improve and hone your sailing skills while at the same time also acquiring new techniques for your local club regattas back home. Boxxer in addition to being a great performance boat also has a great charter layout with 6 -8 single berths and 2 double berths.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Boxxer not only has a wonderful charter layout but also does extremely well in many of the Caribbean regattas. These sailing regattas are well attended by yachts from all over the Caribbean and the Island sponsors make it a fabulous and memorable event for all of the participants.


Boxxer will be cruising the Grenadines, Grenada and St. Lucian waters from January 2014 through until February 2014 at which time we will commence our Regatta Racing Program.
Please contact us by email for our sailing location and schedule .

We will also be taking part in a number of Caribbean Sailing Regattas noted below:
Grenada Sailing Week – January 28th   to  February 5th 2014                        

Jolly Harbour Valentines Regatta - February 11th to February 17th 2014 

RORC Caribbean 600  - February 22nd to March 2nd 2014

St Maarten Heinekin Regatta -March 4th to March 10th 2014

St ThomasRolex Regatta - March 19th to 25th 2014

BVI Spring Regatta - March 29th to April 7th 2014

Les Voiles de St Barth - April 12th to 20th 2014

Antigua Sailing Week - April 24th to May 3rd 2014

South Grenada Regatta 2011 - YouTube 5 Mar 2011 - 5 min - Uploaded by dieterburkhalter888
South Grenada Regatta 2011 from 25th to 27th of February at Le ...South Grenada Regatta 2010by dieterburkhalter881044 ...

Grenada Sailing Week  2012 - You Tube

Monday, October 3, 2011

A great morning splash

All of the anchorages that we visit offer great swimming and the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean provide a fabulous way to start each day with a splash.  Boxxer also has a convenient walk down transom that makes for an easy access and exit for both swimming and dingy travels.  

Secluded anchorage in Grenada

Many of the anchorages in the Grenadines and Grenada group offer both seclusion and beautiful natural surroundings. Most of the islands are also in close proximity to one another which provides everyone lots of time to relax, swim or explore once we arrive and set our anchor.